My Favorite Things

This list will be changing as new favorites are discovered. For now, here are some of my favorite things in the kitchen! If you have products you think are great or my readers would love, contact me at I'd love to review products for you!

1. My Cookbook Stand-

This small metal stand is a lifesaver when using a cookbook. It easily holds your cookbook so you don't have to, while protecting your cookbook from splattering eggs, cookie batter or other catastrophes. Mine is a few years old from Crate and Barrel (another favorite!), but I would be willing to be these are available in many places.

2. My Rubbermaid Mixing Pitcher-

Another oldie, but goodie. This pitcher was a present when I was leaving for college, about 12 years ago (wow, I'm old). Not only does it hold beverages, but it also mixes them with the attached mixer seen in the second picture. Anything from powdered drinks to happy hour specials can be mixed and served without sticking your hands in the liquid or spilling everywhere.

3. My Salad Spinner-

It's likely that many of you already have a salad spinner, but if not, I highly recommend purchasing one. Although it is a pain to clean, it easily dries your salad ingredients, making your lunch or dinner veggies fresh and crisp! It's also useful for storing washed lettuce in the fridge, making salads easier to prepare on busy weeknights- a lifesaver for working parents.