Saturday, June 12, 2010

Speaking of Healthy- Is this for real?

Now that I'm on this health kick I have been dying for some yummy treats. I pretty much became addicted to dessert during my pregnancy and over 7 months later have not been able to kick the habit. So, while shopping for whole wheat pizza dough for an oh so too healthy dinner, I spied this box of Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Brownie Mix.

I did a double take. . . could it be? I snagged a box and promptly went home to calculate the points per brownie. Those of you who are also counting points will be glad to know that 1 brownie is 2 points. By definition, 1 brownie is 1 of 12. So, after dinner, I made the brownies, drooled while they cooled and cut 12 brownies. I'm proud to say I only had 1 (that night). While they are definitely not the best brownies I've ever had, they are definitely better than their 2 point calculation. Sweet, chewy and full of chocolate goodness. Please head on over, well run on over, to your local Trader Joe's and get some of these brownies. Even if you aren't on a health kick, you won't be sorry! You're welcome!

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