Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation Food

Wow! It's been awhile, but I'm back. I'm trying to be more focused with the blog and am starting today. Thanks for being patient and thanks for reading!

Anyhow- this weekend we were on vacation, nothing fancy, but a vacation nonetheless. A trip to a small touristy midwest town with my husband and baby- the first trip with our daughter and it was a success! We had a great time, though it's definitely different vacationing with baby than without, but just as fun! For those of you who have babies or children, you'll understand.

We enjoyed the town we went to, but were quite unimpressed with the restaurants and food where we were. Now, this may not seem important to all of you, but when we vacation we often look over restaurants ahead of time, make reservations and even try to plan our trips around the food in our destination. I know- slightly lame, but that's our style. This time though, we didn't research restaurants or make reservations, probably because we knew we'd be eating with our 8 month old daughter and likely eating at odd times (i.e. dinner at 5:00) in order to help stick to her bedtime routine. Yep, for those of you without kids, routines are important and babies often go to sleep around 6:30 or 7:00, right during dinner time- so a restaurant during bedtime is not possible, thus the reason for the 5 O'Clock dinner time.

Instead, we walked around the town until we found a restaurant that looked appealing and I don't think any were memorable. The first night both my husband and I ordered Chicken Marsala- a favorite of both of ours. Well, we think they forgot the Marsala. The next night we were at a brewery with dirty tasting beer and overcooked fish and chips. Breakfasts consisted of greasy eggs and ordinary coffee. Although, biscuits are always delicious!

Likely our favorite meal was from the sandwich shop, which doesn't say much, but is likely the truth. Although- I have to say that the ice cream was delicious and the farmers market had the best blueberries I've ever eaten! So, it wasn't all bad! But- next time we'll do a little more research so we don't get stuck with Marsalaless Chicken.


  1. Where'd you guys go? Sounds like a fun trip~ we're taking our first weekend getaway this Saturday :) Do you carry your camera with you? I love taking snapshots of food (even with my cell)...that'd be pretty neat on your blog. That ice cream pic makes me hungry, by the way!

  2. Thanks! We were in Saugatuck, MI. Where are you going? I do carry my camera with me and just have to get in the habit of taking pictures of food. Although- clip are is kind of fun too :)