Tuesday, May 25, 2010

San Diego Chicken?

I've been to San Diego before but don't remember a specific type of Chicken being eaten, but our new recipe of the week was San Diego Chicken from this book.
My husband had gotten this book as a gift and we have never cooked anything from it, but as a joke he suggested San Diego Chicken for this week's recipe. Turned out better than we both expected and we actually would eat it again. Basically, orange juice, tomato sauce, lemon and lime juice and garlic and mixed together and chicken is marinated overnight. Sounds a little odd, but after marinating and grilling the chicken it looks like this.
It was delicious- charred on the outside and juice on the inside. We served it with Mexican Style Rice and green beans which made for a healthy and tasty meal. Simple and delicious! A perfect weeknight meal. Yummy!

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